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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


Since our bags are handmade, sometimes the dimensions will be a little different than advertised. We have also tried to provide accurate representation of the available fabric colors. Due to computer, monitor and/or video graphic card configurations, there may be some degree of variance between the actual fabric colors and the swatches displayed on the monitor.

Most all of the bags are made of upholstery weight cotton and all of the linings are a poly/cotton blend. A very few of the fabrics are rayon, polyester or a blend. The fabrics are pretreated with an anti-stain solution from the textile factory. Our bags are not washable, they maybe dry cleaned but at your dry cleaners discretion and they are fully responsible. We recommend spot cleaning our bags.

All of our bags come with a penny sewn in the lining, please watch children around objects that can be swallowed, choking may occur.

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